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The Swedish Consumers' Association (Sveriges Konsumenter) is a federation consisting of 23 member organisations representing consumers, disabled, elderly, youth, immigrants as well as organisations for sustainable consumption and adult education. The organisation publishes the consumer test magasine "Råd & Rön – Advice and Results" and provides a local consumer advice service. The organisation was founded in 1992, it has since then strengthened its position and is by now the only recognised, broad consumer voice in Sweden. The Swedish Consumers’ Association has since its foundation identified working at European level as crucial in representing Swedish consumers and is a proud member of BEUC. The organisation works mainly, but not exclusively, on five prioritised areas: quality of food, legal rights, financial services, sustainable textiles and digital rights.

Success Stories

Fair Finance Guide, our tool for more socially responsible banks, have had a high impact on the bank sector in Sweden over the last two years. Through research and a ranking system, we provide the consumers with clear indications on how their banks perform in sustainability issues – if their savings are used to supporting a sustainable development or not. Thousands have sent letters to their banks through the tool and we see that the pressure from consumers leads to change in the bank’s policy.

We have an impact on Swedish politics. In 2016 our political demands was found in more than 40 parliamentary motions and in some cases helped to bring out new legislation supporting the consumers in their everyday life. 

Our project on sustainable textiles, Stilmedveten, has the last three years through exhibitions, challenges, workshops and social media reached out to 200,000 consumers, focus being consumers under 25. Through these activities many have been inspired learn more about the clothes we wear and a more sustainable lifestyle.

We are also proud of our work on accurate, readable and not-to-lengthy terms and conditions. This campaign has in parts been linked to the Norwegian successful campaigning on digital rights together with BEUC.



  • Founded in 1992
  • A BEUC member since 1993
  • 23 staff, including magazine editorial
  • Members in 2017: 23 organisations
  • Subscribers to member magazine Råd & Rön: 60,000
  • Consumers advised last year: 4,500

Contact Card

Swedish Consumers' Association - SK (Sveriges Konsumenter)
Full Member
Box 38001
SE-100 64 Stockholm

Secretary General
Jan Bertoft
Phone: +46 8 6744300