Zveza Potrošnikov Slovenije - ZPS


Created in 1990, ZPS – the Slovene Consumers’ Association - is the oldest consumer NGO active in Slovenia. ZPS' main activities comprise: consumer advice, consumer information and campaigning and lobbying on behalf of consumers.

ZPS is also a partner in numerous national and global projects. Key priorities for ZPS include financial services, product safety, food, and nutrition.

ZPS also lobbies for the introduction of sectorial alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, mechanisms in new areas such as travel agencies, financial services, telecoms, etc.

ZPS is also a member of ANEC and ICRT.

Success Stories

In 2006, ZPS discovered the largest Slovenian bank NLB broke the law and its contracts by lowering interest rates in long term savings products instead of increasing them as agreed in the contract. As no Alternative Dispute Resolution or collective redress procedures existed ZPS filed 160 lawsuits, all of which were won. During the proceedings and under much public pressure, the bank tried to settle cases with 40,000 consumers. With ZPS’s successful campaign the NLB bank paid consumers an additional €12 million.


  • Founded in June 1990
  • A BEUC member since 1995
  • 15 full time and part time staff
  • Members in 2013 (July): 6,800
  • Advice to ZPS members and 10,000 requests for advice on a yearly basis

Contact Card

Slovene Consumers' Association (Zveza Potrosnikov Slovenije) - ZPS
Full Member
Tržaška cesta 2
SI - 1000 Ljubljana

Breda Kutin
Phone: +386 1 474 0600
E-mail: Breda.Kutin@zps.si