BEUC bolsters consumer financial services coverage with new member ASUFIN

BEUC NEWS - 19.05.2020

BEUC has bolstered its coverage of consumers’ financial services interests with new member, ASUFIN (the Spanish association of financial users), joining the organisation.


ASUFIN, which represents Spanish consumers’ interests in finance and banking is the third Spanish association to join BEUC, after CECU (Spanish confederation of consumers and users) and OCU (Spanish organisation of consumers and users). ASUFIN will contribute to BEUC’s activities with its specialisation in consumer finance and banking.

ASUFIN’s joining of the BEUC network coincides with an unprecedented economic crisis, of global reach and with an impact of still unknown proportions.

Financial consumers, as the weakest link in the economic chain need to feel that they are more protected than ever; a task to which ASUFIN has devoted its efforts for more than a decade. ASUFIN endeavours to contribute its knowledge and experience in the protection of financial users in Europe, promoting collective redress, the digital economy and sustainable finance.

ASUFIN began working with the various European institutions in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg in recent years and is also a member of Finance Watch and Change Finance since 2019.

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