Commission closes energy retail market consultation

The emergence of new technologies (e.g. smart meters) and alternative forms of energy generation (e.g. self-generation) impact on the role of consumers in the market. BEUC’s response to the European Commission public consultation highlighted what is needed to achieve a well-functioning energy market and providing energy which is affordable, accessible and available to all.

BEUC’s core demands are:

  • Ensure consumers are well-informed; well-protected; can access transparent, comparable offers and have effective means to solve any disputes.
  • Provide consumers with tools appropriate to help them better understand their energy consumption and compare different offers on the market.
  • Provide reliable products and services which enable them to be more energy efficient.
  • Achieve the necessary greater transparency in the wholesale energy market as it plays a major role in the proper functioning of energy markets and influencing competitiveness.

Billion euro investments are pending to upgrade infrastructure and roll out new, ‘smart’ technologies. We insisted that these must happen in a way which delivers benefits to consumers – who are very likely to foot the bill.

BEUC, together with consumer group ANEC, also sent a letter to the Commission highlighting the weaknesses of the consultation process and asking for a separate consultation before any proposals are adopted.

BEUC’s to the European Commission, April 17