Energy regulators and consumer organisations to join forces

BEUC NEWS - 12.03.2015

Coinciding with the 7th Citizens’ Energy Forum in London, the Council of European Energy Regulators published their advice on involving and engaging consumer organisations in the regulatory process.

They advise four main actions:

  • Information Exchange: which, among other things, helps identify contact points within national energy regulators and consumer organisations;
  • Capacity Building: expanding knowledge among regulators and consumer organisations via trainings and workshops;
  • Policy Development and Design: involving consumer organisations in policy-making can be by public consultations, exchanges on planned regulatory actions and being transparent throughout the policy-making process;
  • Implementation and Enforcement: for instance a watchdog role for consumer organisations to flag non-compliance with the law.

The advice takes the form of a recommendation to national regulators and national consumer groups and BEUC encourages as swift implementation as possible.

BEUC Director General Monique Goyens welcomed CEER’s advice saying “national energy regulators play a key role in making Europe’s energy markets work for consumers. We agree with Europe’s energy regulators that involving consumer groups in the regulatory process can lead to better outcomes. It is reassuring that the Council of European Energy Regulators is advising its members to cooperate closely with national consumer groups. This comes after constructive work at European level on many pressing consumer concerns.”