Euroconsumers launch a collective action against Facebook

BEUC NEWS - 31.05.2018

Four BEUC members Test-Achats/Test-Ankoop (BE), OCU (ES), Altroconsumo (IT) and DECO (PT), known as Euroconsumers, launched a collective action against Facebook. They want consumers to become masters of their data and be compensated when misused.


The Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed that data of more than 87 million Facebook users had been shared, without their consent, with third parties. Since then, it has become increasingly clear, according to the 4 consumer organisations, that this scandal is only the tip of the iceberg and that data sharing is a general practice on the part of the social network.

Euroconsumers plan to represent all Facebook users (and not just the Cambridge Analytica victims) in their 4 countries. They estimate the damage of users to at least 200€ per person.

Consumers in Belgium can join the collective action on .

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