European Parliament stops fudged car emissions test deal

BEUC NEWS - 16.12.2015

Monday this week, Members of the European Parliament’s ENVI Committee voted to reject an agreement between the European Commission and Member States on the testing of passenger car air pollutant emissions. BEUC welcomes the vote and now calls on the European Parliament to veto the agreement in its plenary vote expected in January 2016.

The fudged deal between the Commission and Member States would put consumers’ health at risk and do nothing to restore trust among consumers in light of the emissions scandal. If the Parliament’s plenary will rubber stamp the vote in January the deal between Commission and Member States will be sent back to the drawing board.

Ahead of the vote, BEUC has written to the ENVI committee showing that the health of many thousands of EU citizens is put at risk from air pollution. In fact, car drivers will stand to suffer greatly from dirty exhaust fumes. BEUC renews its call that EU lawmakers should base their decisions on air pollutant limits on available scientific evidence.