What’s in your kitchen? – new BEUC mini website about healthier diets

BEUC NEWS - 21.03.2016

Is there really sugar in my tomato soup? How many calories does my glass of beer contain? How do we make choices about what we eat? What are trans fatty acids? Consumers in Europe are increasingly curious about what is in their food and how they can eat healthily.


Together with 13 member organisations1, BEUC has just launched a mini website in 12 languages showcasing the nutrition issues we face every day. With real food facts and figures from across Europe, the website helps consumers with useful tips to eat more healthily. It is part of a coordinated call for EU-wide solutions to improve our diets.

Click on the image to find out what should be done to improve our diets.Yoghurt, pasta, beer, pizza… The kitchen contains food or drink items which can be clicked on to reveal little-known facts and the conundrums we face every day.

The website is a user-friendly version of our 2015 nutrition position paper ‘Informed food choices for healthier consumers’.

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1 Test-Achats/Aankoop (Belgium), UFC-Que Choisir (France), FRC (Switzerland), Altroconsumo (Italy), KEPKA (Greece), Consumers’ Organisation of Macedonia – OPM, DECO (Portugal), The Cyprus Consumers’ Association – CCA, OCU (Spain), The Norwegian Consumer Council (Norway), ZPS (Slovenia), VZBV (Germany), dTest (Czech Republic).