EU copyright reform will change the internet as we know it

PRESS STATEMENT - 12.09.2018

The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) regrets the outcome of today’s plenary vote. If the plans voted today become EU law, the benefits of the internet for consumers will be at risk. If consumers create and upload content to the internet, like videos, music and pictures which might contain copyrighted material, there is a risk that it will have to be scanned and potentially blocked by platforms.


BEUC has repeatedly called for a reform of the EU’s copyright laws which would take the reality and consumers needs of today’s digitalised society into account by, among other things, introducing a user-generated content exception to ensure that sharing works created by consumers for non-commercial purposes is not being considered a copyright infringement.

Monique Goyens, Director General of BEUC, commented:

“It is beyond comprehension that time and again EU policy makers refuse to bring copyright law into the 21st century. Consumers nowadays express themselves by sampling, creating and mixing music, videos and pictures, then sharing their creations online. MEPs have decided to thwart this freedom of expression which is dangerous for creativity and innovation.

“The consequence of this vote is clear. Platforms will have no other option than to scan and filter any content that consumers want to upload. Experience shows that this will lead to many uploads being unjustifiably blocked. This is not the type of internet consumers need or expect.

“This protectionist reform will only benefit the copyright industry at the expense of consumers.”

Sep 2018