European Parliament keeps CO2 emission targets for cars in the right lane

PRESS STATEMENT - 03.10.2018

Today, the European Parliament’s plenary voted on the CO2 targets for passenger cars up to 2030. This builds on its Environment Committee’s vote of September 10th.


In short, MEPs:

  • Agreed to reduce CO2 emissions 20% by 2025 (Commission proposal: 15%) and 40% by 2030 (Commission proposal: 30%).
  • Consented to the creation of an official test to measure CO2 emissions in the real-world to apply from 2023.
  • Decided to introduce a real bonus/penalty scheme for low and zero-emission cars.

Monique Goyens, BEUC Director General, commented:

“It’s great news that Parliament’s plenary has largely confirmed the proposals of its own Environment Committee. This clears the way for a European car policy that benefits the environment, public health and our wallets. As a result, people could end up saving thousands of euros in fuel costs over their car’s lifetime in the next decade.”

“The key to make cleaner and cheaper driving a reality for Europeans now lies with the Member States. Consumer groups urge them to support today’s decisions and not give in to pressure from the German government to make any downward changes. Such would only delay the roll-out of cleaner and cheaper cars.”