Member States give green light for portability of online subscriptions

PRESS STATEMENT - 26.05.2016

The EU’s governments today agreed to a proposal which would allow consumers to watch or listen their online video or music subscriptions when they travel to another EU country. The proposal will become EU law once the European Parliament has given its approval.


Monique Goyens, Director General of The European Consumer Organisation, commented:

“Today’s green light by Member States means consumers will soon be able to use online services they have subscribed to when travelling anywhere in the EU. This is very good news for European consumers and a logic and long overdue measure to build a digital single market without borders.   

“It should be simple to use your subscriptions when you travel. It would be absurd to ask people for their bank account, or to check if their name is on an electoral roll, to verify a person’s identity when they log in from abroad. We are pleased that too restrictive time limits for such use abroad have not been introduced.

“Using your subscription on holidays, or during a business trip, is a good step for consumers but it does not help tackle the more fundamental problem of consumers being blocked from accessing films, TV series or sport events from a foreign service provider. We hope Member States will also support the efforts to end geo-blocking in these sectors when the Commission issues its proposal after the summer.”