MEPs let consumers down on copyright

PRESS STATEMENT - 20.06.2018

Today, the European Parliament’s lead committee1 adopted its position on a proposal to change the EU copyright law. It foresees among other things that platforms – Google, Facebook and others – must systematically scan content such as videos and music uploaded by users. The platforms would be obliged to prevent any upload of copyright-protected material – including uses by consumers for non-commercial purposes – unless they have concluded a licence agreement with the right holder.


Monique Goyens, Director General of The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC, commented:

“The pressure of the copyright industry has again scuppered even modest attempts to modernise copyright law.

“Today’s rules are outdated and patchy. It is high time that copyright laws take into account that consumers share and create videos, music and photos on a daily basis. The majority of MEPs failed to find a solution that would have benefitted consumers and creators.

“The internet as we know it will change when platforms will need to systematically filter content that users want to upload. From a place where consumers can enjoy sharing creations and ideas to an environment that is restricted and controlled. Fair remuneration for creators is important, but consumers should not be at the losing end.”

1 The European Parliament and Member States – who agreed on a in May – will now negotiate the final Directive.

Jun 2018