Too narrow definition of endocrine disruptors voted down

PRESS STATEMENT - 28.09.2017

Today the definition of what constitutes an endocrine disrupting chemical (EDC) received a vote of no confidence from members of the European Parliament’s environment committee1. BEUC welcomes that MEPs want to send the Commission back to the drawing board.


Monique Goyens, Director General of BEUC, commented:

“We applaud the MEPs who have demanded that the EU Commission comes up with a stricter definition on endocrine disruptors. MEPs have today said that the health of current and future generations requires an ambitious response from the EU. The Commission’s proposal is unfit to protect consumers against a group of chemicals found in everyday products such as toys, cosmetics or food packaging.

“Unless the proposed definition is modified, many chemicals which scientists believe could disrupt our hormone system will escape the regulatory net. To shield consumers from EDCs, the EU needs to consider all chemicals with a potential to disrupt the hormonal system, not just a small subset.”


1 The ENVI Committee rejected an to the European . It was submitted by the Greens and Socialist & Democrats groups. The full EU Parliament is now due to vote on the objection.

Sep 2017