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Today, consumers in the EU are not getting the advice they really need when looking for mortgages, insurance or seeking to better invest their savings.

The campaign The Price of Bad Advice provides a of the major mis-selling scandals consumers have fallen victims to in the past 15-20 years across Europe.

BEUC is calling for a fundamental revision of the way financial advice is given to consumers, including a ban of sales incentives which fuel the mis-selling of complex financial products to consumers.


From financial mis-selling scandals to cheat devices installed in diesel cars, consumers across the EU sometimes fall victim to products or services that cause them harm. But they usually have very little chance to get compensation in court.

BEUC is calling for a collective redress system that allows all EU consumers to access collective redress.

Our campaign also involves getting as many MEPs as possible to stand with a cut-out of Lady Justice herself calling for collective redress. How many can we get? The answer is .


On 18 September 2015, the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) announced that Volkswagen had confessed to using so-called ‘defeat device’ software in a number of vehicles in order to meet US air pollutant emissions standards. It soon became clear that the scale of the issue is global, with 11 million cars affected, including 8 million vehicles in Europe.

To provide you with the latest information on the emissions scandal, BEUC has composed this as well as a , emphasising – amongst others – how European consumers are affected and what their rights are.



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