Consumer groups enter elections season with presentation of priorities

BEUC NEWS - 28.11.2018

A little less than seven months before the vote in May, BEUC has presented its five priorities for the European Parliament elections.


BEUC and its member organisations are convinced that consumer issues should figure prominently in the elections campaign. EU citizens care whether chemicals are present in consumer products, they want to make healthy food options and are concerned about the cost of medicines.

The EU has delivered on many such consumer demands in the past and making consumer play an important role in the campaign offers a unique chance to show how the EU can impact us all.

The top BEUC wants the next European Parliament to focus on are:

  1. Artificial intelligence must serve, not harm consumers
  2. Consumer products should last longer
  3. Food labels should make the healthy option the easy option
  4. Medicines should be accessible and affordable
  5. Consumers should not be exposed to harmful chemicals

A about “What the EU had done for consumers” list a series of examples of how EU laws are benefitting people in Europe.