How a new Parliament could reach out to people across Europe

BEUC NEWS - 25.02.2019

A European Parliament that improves consumers’ lives has a strong hand of cards to build a better relationship with people across the EU. Mindful of digitalisation, the climate crisis and globalisation, BEUC’s urges future co-legislators to respond to the EU’s challenges through consumer policy.


There are we suggest the next European Parliament focuses on:

  1. Artificial intelligence must serve, not harm consumers
  2. Consumer products should last longer
  3. Food labels should make the healthy option the easy option
  4. Medicines should be accessible and affordable
  5. Consumers should not be exposed to harmful chemicals

The EU is already having an increasingly tangible impact on consumers’ lives. And the list of EU laws that have changed things for the better for consumers is long. We believe Members of the European Parliament can continue to demonstrate by maintaining it as a champion of consumer rights.

An objective to complete the Single Market

Because of the EU’s broad consumer competence, a new Parliament will face many issues in its term. These range from banning sales incentives in financial services , to reforming rules on gas – the dominant energy source of Europeans today – and preventing unsafe connected products from reaching EU consumers.

Read our manifesto for our full list of recommendations and to see how the Parliament can keep working for Europe’s consumers by continuing to:

  • Build fairer and more competitive markets
  • Give consumers stronger rights
  • Allow people to live healthier lives
  • Make products safer and more secure
  • Ensure more sustainable societies