Consumers applaud EU stance on trans fat limit

PRESS STATEMENT - 03.12.2015

The European Commission has published today its long overdue on trans-fatty acids (TFAs), rightly suggesting that EU action is needed to set a legal limit.

These industrially-produced fats are known risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Today there are no limits restricting their use. Although average TFA intake has dropped, many of those harmful fats are still hiding in some of our food like croissants and biscuits.

BEUC has repeatedly urged the EU Commission to publish its report which was due in December 2014 as required by the Food Information Regulation. Last October, BEUC to enact legal limits, that time along with food giants including Nestlé and Mars.

BEUC Director General Monique Goyens commented:

“The Commission finally recommends EU legal limits on artery-clogging trans fats. Setting limits is the only way to guarantee consumers across the EU are equally protected, wherever they live and whatever they buy.

“We now hope the Commission will swiftly move forward. With heart disease still being the first killer in the EU and worldwide, restricting the use of trans fats is one of the easiest and fastest measures to improve consumer health.”

The next steps are to launch the public consultation and the impact assessment.


Dec 2015
Food safety