Financial Information

BEUC is an independent not-for-profit making consumer organisation, registered under Belgian law as an AISBL (Association internationale sans but lucratif) under number 422 071 051 .

As a not-for-profit organisation, our policy successes would not be possible without the funding support we receive from both our members, and our supporters. We are immensely grateful for this support, which allows us to achieve greater impact and to represent the consumer voice on a broad range of priority issues.

Transparency and funding

It is our policy to seek funding in priority areas, identified by our members as important for consumers. This funding can be either unrestricted (to support our core work) or tied to a specific project or programme. All potential funders are carefully vetted through our due diligence process to ensure that they align with our goals and do not threaten our integrity and independence.

Our income

Our income in 2019 was €6,697,936. This includes:

  • 27% - Membership fees, from our members (Independent consumer organisations)
  • 29% - An EU operating grant, received from the European Commission Consumer Programme 2014-2020 to support our work on behalf of European consumers
  • 38% - EU institution funded projects, which we deliver following successful bids to competitive calls for proposals
  • 5% - Foundation funded projects
  • 1% - Other income

Full Members contribute 0.45% of their income to BEUC, and Affliliate Members 0.30% of their income. For less resourced members with contribution below €2,000 per year, partly originating from the new Member States, costs for joining the BEUC meetings (general assembly, expert groups, working groups) are reimbursed by BEUC. This policy has been set up by BEUC in order to make it possible to effectively involve the consumer organisations from the new Member States in the decision-making process at EU level.

BEUC does not accept corporate funding. You can find more information on our budget in our  as well as .