21 June 2018

Dangerous change on cosmetics safety in pipeline: Member States must stop European Commission

On 22 June, Member State experts will be voting in Brussels to change the way the EU protects consumers against harmful substances in cosmetics. The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) is extremely concerned this change could create unacceptable health risks. BEUC calls on all national representatives to reject the Commission's stance.
26 April 2018

EU rightly limits toxic chemicals in textiles but could have better protected consumers

The EU just agreed to restrict over 30 hazardous substances from clothing and other consumer textiles. These substances – which include lead, cadmium and other toxic metals – are used to colour and treat textile products; but they may also cause cancer, harm DNA and reproductive health. BEUC welcomes that the EU is finally tackling these problematic substances but highlights that much work remains to protect consumers against harmful chemicals in textiles, such as endocrine disruptors or allergens.
20 April 2018

Our work areas

Dangerous substances contained in everyday products such as soaps, toothpaste and shampoo may cause allergies, cancer, disrupt the hormonal system or damage the environment. Among these chemicals are nanomaterials which are increasingly used in consumer products, although the risks they may pose to human health and the environment have not been sufficiently assessed.

Unsafe ‘CE mark’ products continue to be found on the European market. The high number of product safety warnings and product recalls show the need to revise general and sector-specific product safety legislation in order to adequately cover all risks which may be posed by products. Market surveillance and control activities are insufficient to ensure the highest level of safety possible and the level of enforcement is not yet the same across the EU. 

Our objectives

  • Improve the general safety of products sold on the EU market and establish a European accident and injury database
  • Minimise exposure for consumers and the environment to dangerous chemicals
  • Adequately and urgently address the potential risks posed by harmful chemicals including nanotechnologies and hormone disrupting chemicals

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