25 November 2021

Goodbye gas: heat pumps will be the cheapest green heating option for consumers

The urgency of the challenge to mitigate the climate crisis will force all of us to change how we heat our homes: away from polluting sources like gas to greener and more efficient alternatives. According to a new study released by BEUC (The European Consumer Organisation) today, heat pumps will be the cheapest green heating option for consumers. They will be both more affordable and convenient for consumers than hydrogen, which is the only other non-fossil fuel solution.
13 October 2021

Rising energy prices: EU package of measures good for consumers

European consumers could benefit from a package of measures to help shield them from the storm of rising energy prices proposed today by the European Commission. Now it’s up to EU countries to implement them as quickly as possible.
14 July 2021

EU climate proposals promise consumers a fossil fuel-free, healthy, and affordable future

Consumers are set to benefit directly from a series of EU measures presented today by the European Commission to fight climate change. The proposals are part of the EU’s ‘Fit for 55 Package,’ the first major milestone in the delivery of the EU’s Green Deal.

Our work areas

Despite many attempts for improvement, the energy market is still a sector of great concern to European consumers as it has many failures: there is concern over complex tariffs, rising prices, poor service or mis-selling, the difficulty of switching and confusion over what consumers can do to lower their bills, including how to be energy efficient.

Access to affordable energy is a real worry for consumers, particularly for vulnerable groups such as those with a low income. Despite the opening of the markets, competition remains limited, restricting consumer choice and driving up prices. Unfair commercial practices such as aggressive doorstep-selling are another source of consumer frustration in the energy market.

‘Smart technologies’ such as smart meters are heralded as the future and they are claimed to offer benefits to consumers. Yet they raise numerous questions about their true potential to deliver real benefits to consumers, as well as risks related to privacy and cost increases.

Our objectives

  • Ensure energy is affordable and available to all consumers
  • Enable consumers to easily choose between various energy suppliers and switch to the best deal
  • Ensure that smart energy systems and other new developments are affordable and designed to benefit consumers



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