14 September 2018
25 April 2018

Online access to health data: EU Commission new plan benefits consumers

The EU Commission plans to improve consumers’ access to their own health data, whether they are checking it online or when they need it when abroad. Today’s plans aim to improve electronic health, or ‘e-health’. The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) applauds the move as 90% of consumers would like to manage their own health data.
31 January 2018

New EU plan to assess medicines’ added value will benefit consumers

Today, the EU Commission has proposed to reinforce Member States’ collaboration when they assess the added value of health technologies, such as medicines, medical devices or surgeries. This will lead to a better use of taxpayers’ money, in turn channelling money towards more innovative treatments and research. BEUC supports the idea of joining efforts to conduct Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Europe and highlights some requirements to make the system work for consumers.

Our work areas

As consumers are faced with a growing amount of information from different sources, we advocate for high quality and non-promotional information about health products.

The ageing of the population, rising healthcare costs and the economic crisis are challenging the sustainability of healthcare systems and consumers’ access to treatments.

Health scandals such as the weight-loss drug Mediator and the faulty PIP breast implants keep undermining consumers’ confidence in the safety of available health products and their oversight by the competent authorities.

Our objectives

  • Ensure consumers have access to high quality healthcare in all EU Member States
  • Guarantee consumers benefit from safe and innovative treatments
  • Allow consumers to make informed choices regarding their health

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